Friday, September 13, 2019

AN ANNOUNCEMENT: Eight more Furrowed Middlebrow/Dean Street Press titles, coming January 2020

It's that time again!

No theme this time around—just eight stellar new reprints, by three marvelous authors, due for release from Furrowed Middlebrow and Dean Street Press in January of 2020. This will bring us to 46 titles in all, enough to fill an entire shelf of my—er, I mean, your bookcase!

First up is an old favorite, by which I mean both an author that we've published before and an author who helped inspire my passion for British women writers in the first place. 

We've already published five of the very best titles from D. E. STEVENSON, and in January we'll add three more. Not exactly a trilogy, but featuring overlapping characters from the Dering family, Vittoria Cottage (1949), Music in the Halls (1950), and Winter and Rough Weather (1951) are fan favorites and wonderful tales of postwar life in England and Scotland. 

(NOTE: Winter and Rough Weather has previously been reprinted and released in e-book as Shoulder the Sky. Although there is some evidence that the latter was actually DES's preferred title, DES's granddaughter specifically requested that we use the former for our edition and we have honored her wishes.)

Next up, I'm really thrilled to add another much-beloved and widely-known author to our list. Many of you already know DORA SAINT (better known by her pseudonym, Miss Read) as the author of two bestselling series, the Thrush Green and Fairacre books. 

But last May I wrote about coming across a lesser-known Miss Read treasure (see here). Fresh from the Country (1960) was such a delight, I couldn't believe the rights wouldn't already have been snatched up by some savvy publisher. Happily for me, however, I get to be that savvy publisher!

And finally, you had to know it would be on my mind: Having used the "buried treasure" heading for only (if my count is correct) three reviews on this blog, and having already published the books reviewed in two of those posts, hmmmm, perhaps the third one will be coming around soon?

Yep, I'm over the moon that we'll be able to publish four absolutely brilliant novels by DORIS LANGLEY MOORE, who may be the most famous person ever to be a horribly neglected author. 

I reviewed the novels here and here, fell head over heels in love with them, and now A Game of Snakes and Ladders (1938, 1955), Not at Home (1948), All Done by Kindness (1951), and My Caravaggio Style (1959) all join the Furrowed Middlebrow "books in print". Smart, funny, gorgeously plotted, and delightfully unpredictable, they deserve to be classics but have been neglected for half a century. No more!

And that's that for January. Not too bad, eh? I should be able to share the new covers here before long, as well as information on intros. And work is already going on furiously behind the scenes (i.e. very often while sprawled on the sofa or lounging in bed) to start pulling together Batch 6…


  1. I am so excited that Fresh from the Country is amongst the other lovely titles! It is such a favourite of mine!!

  2. If I still got "Christmas tips" I would use them for these books. As it is, I can hardly wait to buy them MYSELF! Agree with Marmee - I like "Fresh from the Country," too.

  3. Oh these sound brilliant! I can't wait to get my hands on all of them. New Miss Read? She's someone who has never been culled from my fiction shelves: hooray!

  4. Doris Langley Moore! Doris Langley Moore! Hurrah! Hurrah! I have managed to track down all but "Not at Home," so I'm particularly excited about that one. And now I can affordably gift her other novels to friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and I'm excited about the other titles, too, naturally.

  5. Ah, more great news. Thanks, Scott.

  6. Great Excitement Again
    I've read DE Stevenson and Miss Read of course but Doris Langley Moore will be a new discovery.

  7. I cannot wait! Winter and Rough Weather is one of the very best D.E.s IMHO and although I am a Miss Read fanatic I can't remember reading Fresh...although the cover looks familiar. Many thanks for your work.

  8. Always exciting to hear what is coming next! Fresh from the Country sounds delightful.

  9. Doris Langley Moore sounds right up my alley! Less luuv stuff and marriage; more mysterious paintings and documents! Bonnie!

  10. Ooooh lovely! Still got 18inches of Miss Read's orange spines on my oldest bookshelf (I just measured them!) but DES is a recent "find" from your recommendations and I love that winter jacket! Bring them on!!!


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