Monday, February 15, 2021

Exciting news: Frances Faviell on BBC1!

I know I seem to be in the midst of another (or a continuing) blog break at the moment. Life remains a bit crazy, but I do hope to be back more regularly in March.

In the meantime, however, Rupert at Dean Street Press has just considerably brightened my holiday weekend (President's Day in the U.S., and a much-needed extra day off) with the news that one of the authors I am proudest of our having published as a Furrowed Middlebrow book will be featured in prime time on BBC1 next week.

Lucy Worsley's latest documentary, Blitz Spirit, will air on Tuesday, February 23 at 20:30 (see here for the BBC page about it). I'm pleased as punch about this, as Faviell's brilliant memoir A Chelsea Concerto has never got a tenth of the attention it deserves, though the ironic kicker is that I don't think I'll be able to watch it myself, at least not immediately! Grrrrr. (If any of you have any secrets as to watching BBC1 from the U.S., do let me know!)

Still, I couldn't be happier that Faviell is getting some just deserts! (I always have to stop and think how to spell that word, since there's a bakery in SF called Just Desserts...). Faviell will be one of six people profiled, all of whom lived and worked in London during the Blitz.

Do watch the documentary, which is bound to be fascinating, and do tell your friends and neighbours about it. And, of course, about the book!


  1. I had an alert about this from Dean Street yesterday and I've already written my post ready for next week to encourage people to watch. Wonderful book, possibly the best of all the Furrowed Middlebrow titles. Well done you and Dean Street.

  2. Sounds interesting indeed. No idea how to watch BBC1 from the US. Globalization of media is still an issue.


    1. I think it will be available on the BBC iPlayer soon after airing. :)

  3. BRAVO to you & Dean Street Press!!!
    Have this excellent book & will re-read next week in place of seeing the documentary.
    (Note to BBC1: PLEASE put on BritBox ASAP so we US viewers can enjoy it!!!)

    Best wishes to you both, Scott. Stay well!


  4. Lucy Worsley is a bit of a revisionist historian, and I think she may well concentrate on wartime crime, etc, and contrary to the opinion of people I knew who were there, have the angle that the blitz spirit was all imaginary. I hope I am wrong!

  5. You're right, Scott...a gripping story that should be more widely known. We'll be watching Lucy's presentation via a streaming site, and thanks to Rupert for his 'heads up' email.

  6. My copy is packed in a box ready for moving but I will enjoy the programme and then re-read the book when I get moved and unpacked - hopefully sooner rather than later after hassles this week!

  7. You can probably watch BBC1 if you get a VPN - you could probably get a free one-month trial. So frustrating not to get all the great British stuff! I just read The Dancing Bear recently, not realizing at first it was nonfiction and that there was a previous book about the Blitz. So happy for FM and all your lovely reprints!

  8. I loved this book! Only heard of it through you, so thank you!


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