Sunday, October 30, 2016

Holiday hangover

Just a brief post to say that we are safely back in San Francisco after a wonderful three weeks in England and Scotland. Feeling just a bit the worse for wear, but I suspect after a couple of weeks of rest we would be delighted to do it all over again. Alas, would that that could be.

I promise new posts coming soon, including sharing a few holiday pics. (Andy took well over a thousand photos in all, but since you might not want to spend a month of your life looking at our pics, I promise to share only a few highlights...)

And what of book acquisitions, you ask? Did I exercise my usual, strictly-disciplined restraint and withstand the daunting temptations of Oxfam bookshops in every high street and proper booksellers like Barter Books in Alnwick and Edinburgh Books in Scotland?

Alas, I did not.

Oh dear.

(Details to follow...)


  1. What a fantastic haul. Look forward to hearing about your trip and if you managed to fit everything in

  2. Welcome back Scott. Looking forward to more details of the trip & your book buying.

  3. Alas for good intentions and resolutions! I spot a Jane Duncan 'My Friend' there - lovely series. I have them all, as well as her very interesting autobiography, 'Letter from Reachfar'.
    Glad you're safely home and that you enjoyed it all. It was good meeting up, and you'll be pleased to know I now have a date for completion onf the apartment I showed you!

  4. Ooh, I envy you that Thirkell. Also looking forward to more details of books and trip.

  5. Oh, even sideways, I can see at least a few things I recognize. So looking forward to hearing about the trip! And NOT being jealous (too much)

  6. PS 'on' not 'onf' !! - and although I don't update it often enough, are you aware of my own blog?

  7. Welcome home. Looking forward to photos and comments from/about the trip and to more about that lovely pile of books. The resolution of the photo is not good enough to let me positively identify more than a handful of the titles, and inquiring minds want to know!



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