Friday, July 19, 2019

Dustjacket porn: Familiar children's titles

Any excuse is a good one to share beautiful or interesting dustjacket images. This post focuses on books I've already read and/or reviewed here. Of course, all the images are courtesy of my Fairy Godmother. (If you click on the images, you should be able to see them in their larger form.)

One of the rarest titles here is LORNA LEWIS's Tea and Hot Bombs, which I did write about here in 2017. This was one of the many books Grant Hurlock has shared with me in the past few years, a fun and wonderfully detailed Blitz story from a young girl's perspective.

ELFRIDA VIPONT's books aren't so terribly rare, but their original dustjackets are hard to come by. I've only mentioned in passing, I think, what a fan I am.

The Lark in the Morn and The Lark on the Wing were, as many of you know, followed by The Spring of the Year, Flowering Spring, and The Pavilion in Vipont's series about the Haverard family. The three later books were reprinted by Girls Gone By, so their original covers are at least familiar thanks to those.

Then there's Vipont's lesser-known trio of books about the Conyers family and their home, Dowbiggins. They're not as polished as the Haverard series, but I still found them entertaining, and I love getting to see the original covers. I had the U.S. edition of the third book, retitled A Win for Henry Conyers

I have the Girls Gone By reprint of DORITA FAIRLIE BRUCE's The Debatable Mound, which I reviewed with her other Colmskirk novels here and which, on its own, I made part of that year's Furrowed Middlebrow Dozen. But the original dustjacket is still lovely to see.

I reviewed KITTY BARNE's Family Footlights last year (see here), and enjoyed it very much, but I didn't have any example of the cover art at all. Voila!

I mentioned having acquired MOLLIE CHAPPELL's The Sugar and Spice, along with a zillion other books, here (yikes, book shopping posts are a bit demoralizing to look back on!), but I never got round to reporting on it. It's a lovely little book, and perfect if you, like me, have a strange fixation on stories of girls or young women starting or operating a business.

In 2017 I mentioned here very much enjoying DOROTHY SMITH's Those Greylands Girls and I commented about the rather lovely illustrations, but I didn't have the quite eye-catching dustjacket at that point.

And finally, I would have sworn I had mentioned NANCY BREARY's charming, funny school story It Was Fun in the Fourth here somewhere, but if I did the blog's search function is failing me. It's great fun, though, and it's lovely to have a better dustjacket image for it.

Thanks as always to F.G. for her generosity in providing these lovely images!
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